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International partnerships

We have long worked with a number of law offices around the world and we are active in several international professional organisations. We regularly meet in person with foreign colleagues at international seminars and conferences, thereby fostering our existing foreign contacts and acquiring new ones.

This allows us to provide quality legal services in various countries - not only in the European Union, but also in Asia, North and South America.

Aside from Czech entities looking for legal assistance abroad, our services are also used by foreign entities with an interest in investing in the Czech Republic. Legal assistance with an international reach generally falls within the fields of international trade, foreign investment, international property transactions, travel law and accidents abroad.

In consideration of its solid language skills, our office focuses in particular on countries where English, German, Swedish and Spanish are spoken.

Individual lawyers are active members of the organisations AIJA, EURAVOCAT and PEOPIL. The law office took active part as a main organiser in preparing the AIJA Congress in Prague in 2014, which was attended by over 500 lawyers from around the world.